Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Job Jars Redo

 "New" Job Jars

I made some job jars a few months ago.  I had one color for weekly jobs and another color for monthly jars.  Each day the kids would pick a weekly job to do and then on Saturday we would pick a monthly job to do. The problem that we had was children selectively picking which jobs they wanted to do, or forgetting the "normal" things they need to do daily like put away clothes or pickup toys.  So I came up with this redo.  

Each child still has their own jar, but these are the "new" sticks.  The sticks in each jar are daily jobs and must be completed before any playtime.  Doing all the items in the jar should take more than an hour, so doing them before playtime shouldn't be a big deal. The "Mom's Choice" stick is an idea from another blog.  The "Mom's Choice" might be a monthly job to do (green sticks) or to put away the recycles or take out the trash.  Some days it might even be a fun treat instead of a job.

These are for Ernest...

On the back of the "Job" stick is a list of his jobs to do.  Since he is here for only part of the week, he only has 3 jobs listed.

Here are Hannah's jobs

Here are her three jobs to do on the same days that Ernest does his jobs.  On the days that Ernest is not here, she will do his "Swish and Swipe" job.

I don't have a jar for my "jobs" (I think it would be too full!) I just listed them in my Google Calendar. I (and the kids) will do one house cleaning job a day, this way the entire house gets cleaned each week without having to dedicate an entire day to cleaning.

We still have the monthly jobs to do.  We will still pick one of these each weekend (this will be a "Mom's Choice") and we'll work on the job together.  This way the jobs that don't need to get done every week, will still get done in a timely manner.

I decided to keep them on my computer desk so that I see them every day and we won't forget to do them!!

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This is a really cute idea! :)