Monday, August 29, 2011

Appliqued Shirts

Finished Shirts!

While browsing my favorite blogs, I found this post with a lot of really cute appliqued shirts.  I made these in July before my trip to Hawaii.  They are for my sister's baby and I wanted to take them with me, so I wouldn't have to ship them.  I knew the first one would have an elephant on it because my sister loves elephants.  

I found this clipart of an elephant

and changed the trunk a bit.

Into this.  
(I wanted to add a little heart above the trunk and thought this design would work great.)

I cut the entire thing out of blank paper before cutting it out of fabric.  This would give me a better idea of how it would look without some of the details on the internet version.  Sometimes I have a hard time visualizing the end product so this helps.

I used Wonder Under to attach it to the shirt and then zigzaged around the edges.

I added a button eye.

and here's the super cute tail in the back!

I love birds, and since I'm not an artist, I had to scour the internet for a clipart that would work. 

I found these cuties.

I enlarged the green bird and printed it out.

Here's the finished bird!

Of course when I gave these to my sister, I received lots of love, which is another benefit of delivering them in person!

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kira said...

Lisa - these look fabulous! Makes me want to embellish some more shirts for the boys again! :)