Monday, September 6, 2010

Bandanna Checkers

I saw this flyer at my local Jo-Ann store and knew we would have to make it. Here are the instructions from the website, and in PDF format.


  1. Lay a plain print bandanna on a flat surface over a piece of paper. Fabric markers could bleed through.
  2. Measure and use pencil to mark a checkerboard grid with 8 rows of 8 squares each.

  3. Outline grid with black fabric marker pen. (We used Crayola)

  4. Alternate coloring squares so no square touches another of the same color. Squares do not have to be solid colors. Square can be designed with hearts, seashells, circles, any other icon as long as matching designs are not are side by side horizontally or vertically. (The kids got tired of color after 1 row, so I ended up finishing the rest. They were more excited about making the checkers)

  1. Roll 1 color combination of Model Magic into 12 balls. Press down to make disc-shaped checkers.
  2. Roll a different color combination of Model Magic into 12 balls. Press down to make disc-shaped checkers.
  3. Allow checkers to dry for 24 hours.

(We made most of our checkers differently. We rolled out the Model Magic and used cookie cutters and Play-doh cutters to make our checkers. Hannah chose Stars and Hearts. Max chose Stars and the suggested method above.)

I love how it can be wrapped up for easy storing!

Friday, September 3, 2010

More Homemade Cards

Set of 3

I made these cards for my mom and each one has a special meaning. This first one is a doll pattern that I picked out as a little girl, with my mom's promise of making me a cute little doll. One that looked just like me with brown hair and blue eyes. Years later, it's still not made, but I do have the pattern to make for my little girl. And yes... it's not made for my daughter either. I didn't cut the original pattern to make the card, I just scaned it into my computer and printed out a copy. I suppose someday I'll make this pattern...

This card reminds me of my childhood days. We had a *super* spirograph and loved making spirally pictures on any kind of paper we could find.

This last card is my favorite!! It's LOL for "Laugh out Loud". Recently in a conversation with my mom I learned that she thought LOL meant "Lots of Love".

So I printed this on the inside of the card. I love her interpretation of LOL much better!

P.S. LOL Mom!