Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glitter Shoes!!! (...failed)

Beautiful (but unwearable) glitter shoes

I was so excited to find a cute tutorial for Extreme Glitter Shoes on Lil Blue Boo. I searched forever for a pair of cheap canvas sneakers with velcro tabs. I finally found a pair on clearance at Payless.


I bought the Extreme Glitter and got to work. Hannah even helped. It was very, very easy to do and they turned out so cute!

Hannah wore them on the 1st day of school, however this morning on the 2nd day of school, we couldn't get the velcro straps detached from the tongue of the shoe! They are now permanently fused together. And it's not because they didn't dry long enough. They have been ready for 2 weeks, just waiting for the first day of school. Hannah can't even slip her foot into the shoe. We were very sad, but at least we get to go shoe shopping now!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Free Mitered Corner Blanket Pattern!

Blanket for Stefanie's Baby!

Utah State University has a free Mitered Corner Blanket pattern available online. The pattern is amazingly easy and the finished blanket looks so cute!

I used a decorative stitch to give it a little more character.

You can really see the detail on the back. The best part is that my sister loved the blanket!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Birthday Balloon Wreath

Birthday Wreath

Takeshi FINALLY had his birthday party a month after his real birthday! I didn't finish the wreath in time because I ran out of supplies, but I hung it up after the party anyway :) I really don't think my 16 year old cared about the balloon wreath, he just wanted the balloons for a water balloon fight, and even stole some off of the wreath!

I followed this tutorial from "How Does She?", but used double the supplies. I don't know if my balloons were too close together or my straw wreath was bigger. Either way, I LOVED how it turned out!