Friday, December 25, 2009

Just in Time!

Working on Takeshi's Quilt

The boys Christmas quilts were finished just in time for Christmas, and I do mean just in time! I was pulling Ernest's quilt out of the dryer at about 11:00 pm on Christmas Eve, and had it ready to go by midnight. I will never again question the high cost of handmade quilts. There is so much work involved and it is very time consuming. Here's proof...
  • 3200 corners
  • 2000 yards of thread
  • 804 quilters safety pins
  • 160 finished blocks (480 total cut blocks)
  • 20 hours of machine quilting (just quilting the top, this does not include sewing the blocks together)
  • 19 bobbins used
  • 8 hours of hand binding (plus numerous scratches from dangerous pins)
  • 6 nights up till midnight (including 1 am and the midnight before Christmas)
  • 5 days in pajamas

Of course, I probably should have started sooner, 2 weeks before Christmas is not enough time! It was all worth it, Takeshi and Ernest LOVE their quilts and were wrapped up in them all day long.

Ernest's Fabric
(bottom fabric is for the back of the quilt)

Takehsi's Fabric
(bottom fabric is for the back of the quilt)

I followed Crazy Mom Quilts "How to Make a Ragged Squares Quilt" tutorial. It's very simple, and the top came together quickly, but progress slowed down when I started to machine quilt. It was very hard wrestling that much fabric into a machine for quilting. I swear I have bigger muscles now.

Takeshi's Finished Top

Another View

Hannah also helped me decided on the binding. Since this quilt had a scrappy look, we used all the long scraps to bind the edge. You can see the different fabrics along the edge in this picture.

Here's the back of Takeshi's quilt. You can see the square pattern here.

Hannah also participated in making the quilts. She helped me pick out which squares should go where, getting pins on blocks, & taping the quilt to get reading for basting.

Ernest has always loved blue, so here is his finished quilt.

Another View
and the scrappy binding

Hannah is getting a quilt (purple, of course) but I ran out of time to finish hers. I'm going to started my presents for next year in February, I'm taking January off!

Scrabble Tile Pendants

Scrabble Tile Pendants

I decided to have Hannah made some Scrabble Tile Pendants for her brothers for Christmas. We decided to do Shaving Cream Art and pick our design from the finished picture.

Here is our finished art for Ernest's pendant.
Then I took a piece of cardstock and cut out a scrabble sized rectangle. We moved the hole around the picture until Hannah found a spot she wanted to use for the pendants.

Then we traced inside the rectangle and cut about 1" around it.

Here's our leftovers to recycle.

Here is the piece we are keeping. You want some around the edges so you can work with it easier.
Using tacky glue, glue your paper onto the scrabble tile and slice off the extra pieces of paper using an exacto knife.

Then we followed the tutorial from Make and Takes to get our finished product! The 1st two are for Hannah's brothers and the last one is for her!
And of course. the backside.