Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Lil Blue Boo" UNLV Dress

From this....

to this!!

Hannah has been wanting to watch a "real" basketball game with her daddy for a long time! Jeff bought season tickets for the UNLV games, and today was Hannah's first chance to go with him. I thought it this inaugural event deserved a special "One-of-a-Kind" UNLV dress. I bought the Recycled T-Shirt Sienna Dress pattern from Lil Blue Boo, and found 2 UNLV shirts at the Thrift Store. The Red one had holes in the front right where the Rebels logo is, however I still wanted to use it for the ruffle and sleeves.

Grey Shirt - $4.99
Red Shirt - .99
Pink Shirt - .99
Total - $6.97

A great price for a One-of-a-Kind dress!

Closeup of the neckline.... I'm sure some of these stitches popped when I put the dress over her head. The neck was a tad small for her!

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

At the game - She looks GREAT!!

And, I still have enough red for another set of sleeves and a neckline. I also have the long sleeve from the gray shirt with Rebels printed on it. I'm planning on using this as a ruffle on the next one :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Button Magnets (blogged by Hannah)

This picture is the creator and it is Hannah Casey

We saw this at Quiltique, and we made our own. This is how we made it. We got buttons and then we got the sizes together and then we glued them with a hot glue gun. And then we glued it on the magnet.

This is the side view, which for you to see the magnet part

It holds up pictures too.

*blogged and worded by Hannah (age 5) and typed by Mama

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tie Rattle Snakes

Hannah and Max with their new "friends"

I don't like snakes, but these guys are cute. We followed the tutorial from Skip to My Lou to make these fun snakes. The kids didn't want fat tails, so we didn't stuff the ends of the snakes. I would have loved to make the rattle part for the tail, but we didn't have any tiny containers to fit in the tails... maybe I'll look for some cheap ties at Goodwill, and make some more when I can get a little container. Max's snake was decorated from a previous project, so it's covered with fun stuff. They also went a little crazy for the stick on eyes. Max's snake even has an eye on it's belly!

We have a couple of Alien Snakes!
I think it's safe to say they love their snakes!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Red Letter Words Knockoff

I have had "Games People Play" on my wish list for over a year now. I adore games, love playing them and have an entire closet full of them! I thought this sign would be perfect, but I haven't bought it because I just don't want to pay $55.00 for it. This week at DecorChick, they are having a giveaway for... Red Letter Words! I was so excited and entered as many ways possible.

Hannah saw what I was doing and I showed her which sign I wanted. So she got busy and made me this!
It's perfect!