Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tie Rattle Snakes

Hannah and Max with their new "friends"

I don't like snakes, but these guys are cute. We followed the tutorial from Skip to My Lou to make these fun snakes. The kids didn't want fat tails, so we didn't stuff the ends of the snakes. I would have loved to make the rattle part for the tail, but we didn't have any tiny containers to fit in the tails... maybe I'll look for some cheap ties at Goodwill, and make some more when I can get a little container. Max's snake was decorated from a previous project, so it's covered with fun stuff. They also went a little crazy for the stick on eyes. Max's snake even has an eye on it's belly!

We have a couple of Alien Snakes!
I think it's safe to say they love their snakes!

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kira said...

what cute snakes! you're such an awesome Mommy ... actually starting on cute projects AND finishing them. Love it!