Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quilt for Madelyn

Finished Quilt!!

After seeing the quilt I made for my sister, my sister-in-law requested one for her soon to be born baby girl.  I started on the quilt BEFORE the baby was born... but didn't finish it in time :(  

I finally got it done and will deliver it during our Thanksgiving visit. (although I have this post scheduled to post AFTER I give it to her!)

I used the "Vintage Baby Quilt" pattern again which I love!
The quilt pattern has rows of squares in a 14x14 pattern, and I had 14 different colors/designs of fabric for the squares.  This made it perfect for laying out the squares without having to repeat any pattern in a row.  I thought I could do this myself, but after I was 90% done laying out the squares, realized that I messed up somewhere and couldn't fit the last few squares in their rows without there being a duplicate pattern in the same row.  I know I could have left it, but I wanted it to be perfect...

SO I turned to Suduko!  
I found this Sudoku Site and printed out a 14x14 finished puzzle.

Then labeled my fabric.

To correspond with each letter in the puzzle

It made the process MUCH easier!

I crossed out each row as I laid them down

All done with the layout!

On the picture above there is a huge white strip on the right because the backing wasn't as big as the white cotton!

Luckily it just fit!!

And the finished quilt!!

The back..

the closeup...

and the binding.

I love the colors in this quilt and I know my sister-in-law will love it too!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Style from the Past

 My little model

A few months ago, my mom sent me this outfit of mine.  My best friend's mother made it for me probably when I was 6 or 7.  My mom thought it would be fun to see Hannah in it.  I am so glad she saved it, I love this little outfit!  My mom promised that one day she'll go through the old photos and pull out the ones of me wearing this outfit.

Hannah thought she looked pretty cute in it.

You can tell these pictures are from April 
(there's the Easter baskets!)

I love the waistband detail.

Thanks mom for saving everything!

Friday, November 18, 2011

T-Shirts for Max

Finished Shirts!

I made these back in April for a friend of my daughters. He did get them on his birthday... I just haven't blog it until now!

I searched the internet for some graphics that would work on shirts.

I used freezer paper and then painted the design with craft paint.  

I think the shirts turned out looking just like the originals, although it was harder than I anticipated.

Of course it would have been easier to just give him 3 store bought shirts, but I like the idea that he now has 3 one of a kind items!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Edison Quotes

Finished Art

I made these three art pieces for my Dad's birthday which was in June.  He received them in August when we went to visit, but I'm just blogging about it now.  

I originally wanted to buy this from etsy, but the $70.00 price tag (plus shipping to Hawaii!) wouldn't work for me.  So I settled and bought this wooden board from Hobby Lobby to use for my quote.  

Each board measured approximately 8x10.  Knowing I was going to put this in a suitcase to take to Hawaii, I didn't want to get much bigger than this.  Because the 8x10 was a lot smaller than the original piece I wanted to buy, I decided that one wasn't enough and I bought 3 boards for 3 different quotes.

There were about $2.00 each, had wonderful edges AND the holes in the back for hanging!

I painted each board black.

I used the Outdoor Opaque, since he lives in such a wet climate, I wanted to make sure the boards were durable.

I used the silhouette, and cut out my 3 quotes with cream vinyl.
(The vinyl is not smeared or fuzzy, it's just my camera)

I was a little sad, that the vinyl didn't stick like I thought it would.  I don't know if it was the paint I used or the vinyl itself.  My dad said he would spray each board with a clear coat of some kind... something I didn't want to do before packing the boards in the suitcase.  

Quote 2

Quote 3: The original inspiration

My dad LOVED the gift, and each quote had a special meaning for him.