Sunday, November 6, 2011

Edison Quotes

Finished Art

I made these three art pieces for my Dad's birthday which was in June.  He received them in August when we went to visit, but I'm just blogging about it now.  

I originally wanted to buy this from etsy, but the $70.00 price tag (plus shipping to Hawaii!) wouldn't work for me.  So I settled and bought this wooden board from Hobby Lobby to use for my quote.  

Each board measured approximately 8x10.  Knowing I was going to put this in a suitcase to take to Hawaii, I didn't want to get much bigger than this.  Because the 8x10 was a lot smaller than the original piece I wanted to buy, I decided that one wasn't enough and I bought 3 boards for 3 different quotes.

There were about $2.00 each, had wonderful edges AND the holes in the back for hanging!

I painted each board black.

I used the Outdoor Opaque, since he lives in such a wet climate, I wanted to make sure the boards were durable.

I used the silhouette, and cut out my 3 quotes with cream vinyl.
(The vinyl is not smeared or fuzzy, it's just my camera)

I was a little sad, that the vinyl didn't stick like I thought it would.  I don't know if it was the paint I used or the vinyl itself.  My dad said he would spray each board with a clear coat of some kind... something I didn't want to do before packing the boards in the suitcase.  

Quote 2

Quote 3: The original inspiration

My dad LOVED the gift, and each quote had a special meaning for him.


kira said...

VERY cute! I've had the same problem with the vinyl I purchased, so I've been painting a base coat, putting the vinyl on & then painting over it. Then the letters can be peeled off & it still shows the paint/design underneath without the vinyl worries. LOVE this idea though! :)

Tringali Family said...

Very nice. Have you tried to modge podge the vinyl on?

Lisa said...

I'll try that next time... I just didn't think I needed to since the vinyl has a sticky back!