Sunday, September 25, 2011


Finished Pumpkin

I saw this idea from Family Circle October 2011 issue.  I LOVED the white 31 pumpkin and downloaded the template for it from the Family Circle website.

I bought an off-white "Funkin" (fake pumpkin) from my local craft store.

I didn't have the specialty rub-on paper to make the pumpkin in an easy one step process, so I created a cheaper 3 step process...

1.  I printed out the 31 on my ink jet printer and was able to rub enough of the ink on so that I could see the number on the pumpkin.  I used a Popsicle stick for the rubbing.

2.  I tested my sharpie on the bottom of the pumpkin to check for any bleeding effects.  The sharpie worked great with no bleeding, so I used the thin sharpie to outline my rub-on.

3.  Using my thicker sharpie, I filled in the number 31.  I am loving the end result!

Bring on Halloween! 


Suzonne Stirling said...

It looks fantastic! And I love how clever you were getting around the rub-on paper. Really - it looks just like the original.

kira said...

oh my that is so cute! love the idea! I'll have to check the clearance for next year!