Monday, May 31, 2010

Tie Dye - A list of Video Tutorials

Tie Dye Friends

Our first time creating Tie Dye t-shirts was a lot of fun. We watched several different tutorials from You Tube, and since I have no expertise in this area, I will just list the tutorials we used. From left to right, they are...

2. Heart - You really can't see the heart because Tywla (Hannah's kitty) is covering up her shirt. Next time we do this, I'll get a better picture.

4. Spider Design - This one didn't come out exactly like the video, but considering it was our first time, I thought we did pretty good.

We used Tulips One-Step Tie Dye Kit and it was very easy to use. A couple other videos are Swirl & Ombre Techniques. The Ombre technique is on my list for our next Tie Dye session.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crayon Monograms (with Tutorial)

(as of 12/8/13)
I am NOW able to make custom templates!
(see instructions at end of tutorial)
However, I am in college full time, so during finals and midterm weeks, I will NOT be making any, but I will do them when midterms/finals are over, so please allow enough time for me to get them done.  Thanks for understanding!

Finished Project!

I found this cute project on Testosterone Times Three and knew I had to make it for my daughter's teachers.
I found some Shadowbox Frames at Walmart for about $8.00 each.

The 8x8 size was perfect.
Using Microsoft Word I made a template and printed it out for each teacher. 

At the end of the tutorial I have included a link to download each specific letter (A-Z) from Google Documents. You MUST download the files to view the large monogram and fonts correctly (The fonts do NOT look right UNTIL they are downloaded). The fonts used are Batang (for the initial) and Lucinda Handwriting (for the script name).

I have also started a Flickr group.  For those of you who make the Crayon Monograms, I would *LOVE* it if you would post your picture in the group.  It's also my first group on Flickr, so let me know if you are having any problems with it.

I had lots of crayons saved from the start of the school year (bought at .25 each) and dumped those out to use.
I found that if I poked a hole in the crayon with my exacto knife, that the crayon broke cleanly

and right where I wanted it to.

I printed out a 'test' sheet on plain copy paper and then lined up my crayons the way I wanted, before gluing anything.
Then I printed out my 'good' copy on a thick ivory cardstock.

I filled in my monogram letter with tacky glue and started transferring the crayons. I put tacky glue on some of the crayons directly. I didn't use a hot glue gun, because I always seem to get the "spiderweb" effect. Tacky glue also has a longer drying time, which is a benefit with this project in case you need to move a few crayons around.

I also made sure to break my crayons in long enough lengths so they covered my printed monogram.

I let them dry overnight and then put them in the frame.

I think they turned out perfect!

Hannah wrote a note to each teacher, which I laminated and put on the back of each frame.

The best part was that the teachers LOVED them!

Here is a new picture from Dawn who made an 'S'
Many have asked how to create the 'S' since it's so curvy!
I hope this helps :)

Here are the downloads from A-Z.  These are all made to fit the 8x8 Shadowbox frame from Walmart.

Try the download FIRST, if you can't get it to work or are not computer savvy, then leave a comment WITH your email address, template letter and name OR you can email me at lisainnevada@gmail(dot)com with the same information and I will make the template.