Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Costume

Cute fabrics from Etsy

In the beginning of October, Hannah and I went to Joanns to look at costume patterns. We looked at princesses, fairies, and all other girly costumes. Hannah decided she wanted the princess costume....
and since the patterns were only .99 each, I decided I would also buy the fairy costume.

We came home and Hannah saw this pattern.

So that what I made for her! We are not sure *exactly* what she is, but we've narrowed it down to Court Jester/Joker/Harlequin

I don't think it really matters, since she loves it! Happy Halloween!

p.s. I also made the mask, but it doesn't work too well with glasses.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The First 5 Year Old Sewer


During the summer I taught sewing to 3 girls. Hannah saw how much fun we were having and decided that she would like to sew as well. In September, she sewed a few things all by herself, such as a little 4 patch "blanket" and a beef jerky holder for her brothers. While she was sewing she asked me "Am I the first 5 year old sewer?" Of course I said yes, because I don't know of any other 5 years olds who can sew.

She decided she wanted to do more, and seriously, I was thrilled! We went to the fabric store and she picked out a few patterns that were "easy" level. Then she saw this simplicity pattern that I had made a few animals from. She decided that she wanted to make the giraffe.

She picked out some scrap fabric that I had, and she ended up with LaLa (that's her giraffe's name). I cut LaLa out of the fabric, but Hannah did all the machine sewing with lots some guiding of her fingers by me. Hannah and I both stuffed LaLa, and I hand stitched her up.

I think LaLa turned out SUPER cute!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Skirt with a Border Print

Tillbrook Fabric by Alexander Henry

With the Girly Skirt by Pink Fig, I used this fabric by Alexander Henry to make a border print skirt. I couldn't resist these flower fairies! So cute!
I did not use the bottom border piece from the Girly Skirt pattern, instead I just used the middle skirt piece and lengthened it.

Here's the waistband piece. I love the mushrooms!

Hannah loves her skirt! The best part was how fast it came together!

p.s. I used the leftover fabric (the flowered lines in top photo) to make a dress for "Little Dresses for Africa"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Framed Disneyland Collectible Pins

A Set of Three

On our recent trip to Disneyland we "Pin Traded". I bought a lot of miscellaneous trading pins on eBay for about .50 a pin, which is a great price! Then at Disneyland we traded with cast members to get the sets we wanted. My son wanted the Puffles, I wanted Disney Pirates and Hannah just traded. The Princess set above we bought at Disneyland. It's nearly impossible to find the glitter princesses to trade for!

Pirate Mickey!

I am not a fan of lanyards, so I decided to frame our pins. I bought an 8x8 shadowbox at Wal-Mart and some black velveteen at Joanns. Then I wrapped a piece of cardboard with the velveteen and popped the pins onto the fabric. The hardest part was keeping the lint off of the velveteen! I'm glad that we can look at our collection all year round and not just on our yearly Disney trips!