Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Costume

Cute fabrics from Etsy

In the beginning of October, Hannah and I went to Joanns to look at costume patterns. We looked at princesses, fairies, and all other girly costumes. Hannah decided she wanted the princess costume....
and since the patterns were only .99 each, I decided I would also buy the fairy costume.

We came home and Hannah saw this pattern.

So that what I made for her! We are not sure *exactly* what she is, but we've narrowed it down to Court Jester/Joker/Harlequin

I don't think it really matters, since she loves it! Happy Halloween!

p.s. I also made the mask, but it doesn't work too well with glasses.

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kira said...

that is awesome!!! I tried sewing the kids costumes, but I am NOT a great seamstress & they were ... um ... unique, but still looked okay for photos. Love it! :)