Sunday, October 3, 2010

Framed Disneyland Collectible Pins

A Set of Three

On our recent trip to Disneyland we "Pin Traded". I bought a lot of miscellaneous trading pins on eBay for about .50 a pin, which is a great price! Then at Disneyland we traded with cast members to get the sets we wanted. My son wanted the Puffles, I wanted Disney Pirates and Hannah just traded. The Princess set above we bought at Disneyland. It's nearly impossible to find the glitter princesses to trade for!

Pirate Mickey!

I am not a fan of lanyards, so I decided to frame our pins. I bought an 8x8 shadowbox at Wal-Mart and some black velveteen at Joanns. Then I wrapped a piece of cardboard with the velveteen and popped the pins onto the fabric. The hardest part was keeping the lint off of the velveteen! I'm glad that we can look at our collection all year round and not just on our yearly Disney trips!

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