Friday, January 7, 2011

Vintage Baby Blanket

Finished Quilt for Aliyah!

Originally I was going to have this quilt ready for my sister when she came to visit in August.  It didn't get done in time, so then I decided I would make it and have it ready before the baby was born.  It didn't get done in time for that either!  I finally got it done in time to take to Hawaii when I went to visit baby Aliyah and Stefanie in December.  Better late than never, and my sister loves it too!  

Pattern is "Vintage Baby Quilt" by YoYo Mama Designs and fabric is Moda "Love U" Jelly Roll.

The jelly roll made it SO easy to cut out 196 2 1/2 squares.  I took multiple strips and lined them up on my cutting mat.  Since the jelly roll is fabric already cut into 2 1/2 wide strips, I only had to cut them in one direction.  I have enough squares to make 2 more blankets!

To make the quilt, you need to draw on the background fabric with a washable fabric marker.  Mine did NOT come off all the way when I washed it!  I'm hoping after a few washes, it will come off entirely.  

Of course you can't see the blue lines unless you're up close. 

I absolutely love the little frayed edges!

and the binding...

and the backing.

I think my favorite is the p.s. I Love You!!


Di~ said...

Love your baby quilt there! I have that pattern, the creator of that pattern formerly lived by me! I need to make another one of these, thanks for the reminder!

Bridget said...

I LOVE IT! It is a vintage work of art.

LB3K said...

Fantastic! I LOVE that idea! Gonna have to add this to the list. . .

Lisa said...

where do you find this pattern? your quilt is beautiful!

erinmalia said...

the quilt is beautiful and your fabric choice is lovely! i'm going to attempt my own, but had a question and wondered if you'd mind answering: did you sew the squares on, and then immediately bind the quilt, or was there some washing going on in between? thanks!

Lisa said...

@ ErinMalia

I sewed the squares on and bound it BEFORE I washed it. There was no washing in between.

Lisa :)