Saturday, January 15, 2011

We ARE Cool!!

I never planned on posting about this, mostly because I thought everyone would think I was weird (or weirder than I already am).  However... today I feel validated.  On MADE, Dana (who's very popular, cool & hip) blogged about this (well... a form of it anyway).

You see, every time the girls in the family get together we play Rummikub.
We take each game very seriously, and a few years ago I made a book so we could keep score. 

This book has seen a lot of entries

and I included some rub ons to make it even sweeter :)

One day we (my mom and I) decided it would be very funny if the winner of each game received a trophy.  Not a "real" trophy, but a toilet paper roll trophy.  I think it was her idea, so she could laugh at the winner when they received a toilet paper roll as their "prize".  (poor mom doesn't win very often)  lol

So our quest had begun.  I decided that decorated toilet paper rolls were the way to go, and made this one :)

Here's a closeup

SO on my trip to Hawaii I scored a few of these babies!!
Decorated in cool awesome fabric squares from an estate sale!

I left a note for my sister, just in case she got jealous and tried to steal my trophies!

Then... she left me THIS note!

THIS is the huge basket that she's talking about.  HOWEVER, I must point out, that these trophies are not hers, but are waiting to be won. (by me.. hehe) This phenomena has gotten everyone involved.  My mom has friends and co-workers who are now saving toilet paper rolls for her and giving her decorating advice!

Hannah was inaugurated on this trip.  She won a game and was told what her "prize" was.  She was NOT thrilled until she saw the one and only paper towel roll.  She said "Oh Yea!" and then picked out her decorations :)

Resistance is futile

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