Thursday, January 13, 2011

Perfect Pillowcases

Birthday List

Hannah was SO upset when she realized Ernest's birthday was the next day and she didn't have a present for him.  I told her not to worry, and she got busy making a list of things she would want to buy for him.  The fabric (last on the list) we turned into two pillowcases for him.  He really needed them...

His old pillowcases have holes by all the seams

and the ends are frayed and coming apart!

Here's our finished product!  Hannah saw this fabric at the store and knew immediately that Ernest would love it.  It's a soft flannel, is the color blue and is a Hawaiian type pattern.  She made one pillowcase and I made the other.

She even picked the ribbon as a nice contrast.

I didn't follow any pattern, I just took his old pillowcase and used the measurements from that.

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kira said...

very cute! i love the print and pillowcases are DEFINITELY a great gift idea ... way to go Hannah! Can't wait to see her next project! :)