Friday, September 3, 2010

More Homemade Cards

Set of 3

I made these cards for my mom and each one has a special meaning. This first one is a doll pattern that I picked out as a little girl, with my mom's promise of making me a cute little doll. One that looked just like me with brown hair and blue eyes. Years later, it's still not made, but I do have the pattern to make for my little girl. And yes... it's not made for my daughter either. I didn't cut the original pattern to make the card, I just scaned it into my computer and printed out a copy. I suppose someday I'll make this pattern...

This card reminds me of my childhood days. We had a *super* spirograph and loved making spirally pictures on any kind of paper we could find.

This last card is my favorite!! It's LOL for "Laugh out Loud". Recently in a conversation with my mom I learned that she thought LOL meant "Lots of Love".

So I printed this on the inside of the card. I love her interpretation of LOL much better!

P.S. LOL Mom!

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Bridget said...

Great cards. Love the meaning of them all.