Sunday, July 3, 2011

Recycle Bag Redo

"New" Recycle Bags

I made a set of Reusable Recycle Bags a while back and
 washed one of them soon after and it shrunk... BADLY!
I put off washing the rest of the bags as long as I could! 
Finally I could wait no longer and washed them all.

Due to the 2" shrinkage, the (once cute) arrows looked horrible.
I removed all the "old" arrows..

...bought some cute fabric from Brown Paper Packages

...and used that to create new arrows.

I love the fabric that says "love a tree", "good earth", etc.

I did add a couple special items to two of the bags.
This little "recycle" tag

and the little birdie perched on top one of the arrows.

I love how they turned out and that I can use them again!


LB3K said...

so cute! i love that fabric on them!

kira said...

those look so darling! I always have meant to make those ... and here you've done it twice!

little miss maison said...

what a great idea to cheer up a bag xxx