Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Library Bag

Our Bookshelf (at home)

With summer here, we needed a bag for carrying all our books home from our weekly trips to the library. I accidentally spilt hot chocolate all over one of my reusable grocery bags and had to wash it... well, it shrunk (badly!). As you can see it's at least 2 inches shorter than a non-washed bag.

And the cute recycle arrows didn't look too hot either. I decided this was the bag to use for our reading bag.

I removed all the arrows and used HP Transfer Paper to iron a design onto my bag. Next time I'm going to try using SuperSoft Inkjet Transfer Paper. I heard this brand is easier to work. I have read reviews saying SuperSoft lasts longer in the wash than the HP brand. Since I'm not planning to wash this bag (again), the HP brand will work fine.

I searched the Internet for "reading" clip art and found a design that Hannah and I both loved. It's from Karen's Whimsy and only cost .99

I love how it turned out!

There were lots of clip art on the Internet, but not a lot that were big enough to make a crisp, clean 8x10 page. Here's some other artwork that we liked and would work great as a large transfer:

Just a note, you can use Transfer Papers for color designs. I just didn't have any color ink for my printer.

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