Friday, June 18, 2010

Piano Bag

New Piano Bag

Using the HP Inkjet Transfer Paper, I made a Piano Bag for Hannah. For almost a year she's been using a plain bag and making a personalized bag for her has been on my list for that long as well. I bought this clip art from iStock Photo. I searched Treble Clef and there were so many to pick from! The only problem was, all the ones we wanted were about $8.00 to $14.00 each!! We finally found this one for $2.00, which was something I could live with.

There were free ones on the Internet, but not many that were large enough to give a nice clear, clean image of this size. Here are a couple others that we considered.

  • ETC - Fairy Holding a Music Banner
  • EDU Pics - Basic Treble Clef

One thing I had to make sure is to mirror image Hannah's name BEFORE printing it onto the Transfer Paper. This way, when you iron your image down, the name is viewed correctly.

Next time I'm going to try using SuperSoft Inkjet Transfer Paper. I heard this is easier to work with and lasts longer. The HP wasn't hard... it's just that with the amount of heat they said to use, it discolored the bag slightly. It does show up in the picture, but thankfully, it's harder to see in "real life". I have read reviews saying SuperSoft lasts a lot longer in the wash than the HP brand. Since I'm not planning to wash this bag, the HP brand will work fine.

Just a note, you can use Transfer Papers for color designs. I just didn't have any color ink for my printer.


LB3K said...

Very Cute! The Supersoft is awesome, especially for t-shirts.

kira said...

those bags & the library ones are CUTE! love the idea! i just picked up some freezer paper to try & do painting on some shirts & material ... but now I want to try that idea too!