Friday, June 18, 2010

Art in the Park (with Jell-O)

Finished Project!

Our friend Natalie hosted an amazing "Art in the Park" activity for all our friends and kids. She brought all the supplies to make a great smelling piece of art using Jell-O and glue.

Supplies Needed:
  1. Fruit Bowl (click to download)
  2. Jell-O in these flavors: Strawberry, Pineapple, Grape, Raspberry, Lime, Lemon, Orange, Cherry & Banana
  3. Elmers Glue (or generic brand)
  4. Paintbrush for each child
  5. Paper cups or other similar item to hold each flavor of Jell-O
  6. Paper cup or other similar item to hold the glue


  1. Print out your Fruit Bowl (one for each child) and have them color the bowl any color they want.
  2. Color the stems & leaves of the fruit green.
  3. Pour some glue in a paper cup
  4. Pour each flavor of Jell-O in it's own paper cup (NOT with the glue and don't mix the flavors). Label your cups! Many of the Jell-O's are the same color, but not the same scent.
  5. Take your paintbrush and dip it in the glue cup.
  6. Paint ONE fruit at a time (for the orange you can paint both). After the entire fruit is covered with glue, pour the matching scent of Jell-O onto your fruit. Pour any excess back into the cup.
  7. Repeat with each fruit until it's covered.
  8. Smell and enjoy!

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