Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentines Chair Backer

(some of the pictures were taken in different lighting situations, so the photo above is the true color of the bag)
Valentines Mail Bags!

I found this amazing tutorial of a Pottery Barn Kids Valentine Chair Backer or Valentines Mail Bag.  I knew I needed to make one for Hannah.  Then realized that we have another little girl in our family (my sister's baby) who would also love one.  So I ended up making two!  

Here is my fabric.  I made sure to buy washable felt, just in case...  I also pre-washed the fabric, to minimize shrinkage.  

Hannah picked this one.  

It has the white heart and red lining.  It also has covered buttons made with the red fabric.

This one is Aliyah's.

Her's has the red heart...

the white lining, and buttons from my grandma

They both are perfect for hanging on the back of a chair and filling with Valentines treats!

They both have buttons from my Grandma on the back...

and working buttonholes.

The buttons on the front of the bag are just decorative, it is velcro that keeps the bags closed.  
It makes for easy access to Valentines goodies!

I added some hand stitching with embroidery thread on both.  I love the detailed look of it.

...and both have a p.s. I Love You tag on the inside

They were both finished the evening of February 13th, and since I had to mail Aliyah's she won't be able to use her bag until next year.  Luckily she is only 3 1/2 months old and has many years left to use it!


Beatriz said...

Is so beautiful!
I see your blog every week, and i LOVE!


Kisses from Brasil!


stefanie said...

I love Aliyahs' bag!!! ...heh, more bragging rights to claim about my sister!!! hollah! :) ...i am humble, i promise.