Monday, December 8, 2008

Quiet Book for Church

My Sister's Quiet/Busy Book

When my (very active) sister was little, my mom made her this cute quiet book to keep her busy at church. Now my sister is all grown up and has a (very active) son of her own. I decided to refurbish her quite book and give it to her son. The plastic bags were ripped and falling apart, so I ripped out the stitches, and replace the bags. Then I put some fun activities and crayons for her son to do. It's so nice to still have this great book that my mom made. Hopefully it will be in the family for quite a while!

Here's the double stitching to hold the bags in place.

Here's a quick tutorial to make the book.
(I'm sorry this is a horrible tutorial, I'll make a better one when I sew my own bag. With lots of pictures!)

2 pieces of fabric 8 1/2 x 20
1 piece of lightweight batting 8 1/2 x 20
2 lengths of ribbon about 10" each
5-7 ziploc bags (Glad quart zipper bags work the best and look the nicest)

Optional: Sew ribbon, ric rac or lace to the front of the top piece.

Pin ribbon to inside of the fabric on the 8" ends about 4" up. One ribbon on each side, baste if needed. Place fabrics wrong sides together, with batting on the outside of one piece. Sew (seam allowances 1/4") all sides together, leaving about 3" on a 20" side for turning. Clip corners and turn right side out. Press and either top stitch edges or slipstich 3" opening closed. Fold and press bag so that it measures 9.75 x 8. Slip 5-7 bags into folded bag and double stitch on folded end, about 1/2" in. Fill with crayons, paper, snacks, etc.


Bridget said...

How nice and sentimental that you refurbed your sister's quiet book for her family now. Simply lovely.

Melissa said...

What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing :)