Saturday, December 6, 2008

Emergency Pocket Kit

Emergency Pocket Kit

Cost for unfilled kit - $1.24 each + tax

1 Wal-Mart Potholder (2 pack for $1.50) - .75
8 Snack Sized Ziploc Bags (100 for $2.68) - .24 (.03 each)
1 yard of ¼” or 3/8” Ribbon - .25

This is a cute little emergency kit that I saw in an Etsy shop. It was such a cute and simple idea that I thought I'd make a few for Christmas this year. It was easy, except that the Ziploc bags are really slippery!

1. Take tag off potholder.

2. Tape 4 bags together, and then another 4 bags together. This picture is just 1 set of 4 bags. You will need 2 different sets.

3. Overlap ends of bags together about 1/4" to 1/2", alternating sides.

4. Pin bags down to potholder (see photo). The pins work just fine if you just stick them straight down into the potholder. Just like you would use a thumbtack. Be careful, pins do leave holes!!

5. Sew Ziplocs onto potholder down the center of the Ziploc.
6. Attach 18” of ribbon (folded in half) to one side of potholder.
7. Optional: Sew ribbon down center of Ziplocs to cover stitching. Here are 2 examples. One with the optional ribbon and one without.
8. Fill with items of your choice (Band-Aids, wet wipes, medicine, Kleenex, safety pins, cough drops, toilet seat cover, etc)


kira said...

Thanks for posting this! It's such a fantastic and cute idea. I love mine!!! :)

Bridget said...

Brilliant! Great tutorial, too.

Tringali Family said...

Very clever!

Melissa said...

Another great idea! I'm really enjoying your blog so far. Thanks for commenting on mine :)