Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

Trick or Treat Bags

I made these bags about 10 years ago when the boys were little. The bags were from one of my Dad's medical conferences that he received for free, so under the cute Halloween picture is a medical logo or slogan :)

I don't remember what fabric company this is from, but I still think it's so cute! Here is the back of each bag.

Here is the up close detailing. I put very lightweight batting under the applique and then zig zag stitched around the edges. I didn't think it looked "finished" enough, so I did a straight stitched on some of the black outline so that the design would "pop" more.


kira said...

Oh girl, you are amazing! I LOVE THESE!!!!!! :) So absolutely darling, thanks for sharing them!

Bridget said...

So cute. I love them.