Monday, March 7, 2011

Tile - Tic Tac Toe

I saw this idea at Lowes and knew Hannah would love it. When her friend Max came over they did this craft together.

Hannah couldn't find any "natural" tiles that she liked to use for this project, so we decided to go with a 6x6 white tile.  The black and white mosaic piece was on clearance and because there so many missing and broken pieces, they gave it to me for half off, so total cost for the tiles was $1.78

I had some leftover sticky back felt....

that we cut up and put on the back of the tile.  
This was it won't scratch any surface you play on.

I drew the black straight lines on the white 6x6 tile with a black sharpie and a ruler.  
I let the kids use all the other colors for decorating.

Max chose a simple design

Hannah chose a more interesting intricate design.

Her board

Her tiles

The kids had a great time with this and especially loved drawing with sharpies!

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