Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Attempt at Stippling


I trying to learn how to free motion quilt, and thought a (very) small project would be a good way to start. I used Sew, Mama, Sew's Doll Quilt Sew Along to make this doll quilt for Hannah. It measures about 16 x 19 and is the perfect size for any baby doll. It was harder than I thought, but hopefully I'll get better with practise (lots and lots of practise). There were no puckers on the backside, so I consider that a success.

Here's the quilt, with just the binding needed. Hannah loves it.

As I finished stippling the quilt, I looked at my thread and saw it was totally empty! I thought I would have to go back and redo some quilting, but thankfully my thread had just run out!

Perfect planning on my part, I guess :)


Bridget said...

Your stippling looks great! Can't believe your luck with the thread. That is what we hope for when we sew and it usually doesn't happen!

Rachel said...

Great job!!!! With lots of practice it will become second nature...I promise! :)

kira said...

i was having the same thought process ... make some quilts & practice, practice, practice! love how great you did though! :)