Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Old Red Barn Quilt Along - Week 2

My 2.5" Strips

Here's all my strips for Week 2 of Old Red Barn's Quilt Along. I'm supposed to be on week 5, but I'm just a little behind. I'm hoping to finish Week 3 tomorrow! I cut out all my 12 fabrics into 2.5" strips. I was able to get 7 strips out of all of them except for one! I cut it into a 2" strip instead and hopefully I can use it in a project sometime in the future.
Here's my lone 2" strip. It's too bad, this was my 2nd favorite fabric!!
This 2" strip is by Timeless Treasures

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LB3K said...

I am loving timeless treasures these days. . .such cute fabric!