Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Personalized Bags

Max's Church Bag

I made a few more bags to be used as quiet bags for Church. The one above is for my 4 year old nephew Max. The 2 bottom ones are for his friends. Their names were too long to put on the bag, so I decided to stick with their initials. I just love this fabric!

For the C & D I used the font "Shangrila" in 900 pt. For Max's name I used the font "Maiandra GD" in 450 point for the letter "M" and 300 point for the "ax". I used "Heat n Bond lite" and edge stitched to secure the fabric even more.
While I was using the iron to seal the fabric with the "Heat n Bond", I didn't realize how close I was to the nylon webbed handle. As you can see it melted part of the handle. The handle is still strong, but I was so upset by what I had done! I didn't even notice it until after I had melted the 2nd bag's handles too!

I still think the bags turned out cute, even if I'm still upset about the handles :)


One Sweet Life said...

those leaves across the top look ... faaaaaaaabulous!!! :)

Bridget said...

So cool! I wish that I was Max's friend too, if I got a bag!

No worries about the handles, although I completely understand. I would stress about it, too.