Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Recovering the Chairs

I don't think this counts as crafting or sewing,
but since I used fabric, I'm including it!

We have really nice bar stools for our kitchen, but after a while (with two boys and a little girl) the covers looked horrible. I bought some fabric from Jo-ann's, whipped out my staple gun and Viola! Well, not exactly... I had to pull out about 100 staples first, which was NOT fun. I think the chairs turned out great and I made sure to spray them with scotch guard before we used them!

Closeup of the fabric


kira said...

Why wouldn't that count as crafting?!? It is totally perfect! LOVE THE FABRIC!!! :)

The Wynn Family said...

I didn't realize you had such talent! They look great! And I love the headbands.

Bridget said...

Great job on the chair recover project. Love the material. Good choice.