Monday, April 12, 2010

A Chinese Birthday!

The Birthday Girl!

Hannah decided that she wanted her 5th birthday to be a "Chinese" birthday, which somehow turned into a Kai-lan themed birthday. We used this Kai-Lan Chinese Lantern Template for her birthday invitations. We added a small paper on the bottom with her birthday party specifics and printed them using the font "Bonzai". We asked the guests to bring their invitations to the party to hang as decorations. Which looked great blowing in the (very strong) wind!

Here's the pile to be (hand) delivered!

Our craft was growing wheat grass with a Kai-lan printable to tape on the front. Somehow ours didn't make it home, but that's ok, since we grew wheat grass for Easter.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hello, Peeps!

Hello, Peeps...

Using MADE's Freezer Paper Stencial Tutorial and her Peeps pattern, I made this cute shirt for Hannah.

I printed out her peeps pattern about 50% smaller than the original (it turned out to be approximately 4" tall), and then traced the peeps onto freezer paper.
After I ironed the freezer paper onto the shirt I was able to paint the peeps. I wanted light pink to match the "real" peeps, but my store was out of that color. I ended up using Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Azalea Matte and Sunshine Yellow Matte. The font for "Hello, Peeps" is Candara (100 pt size) and the paint is Ebony Black.

After a few hours, I peeled off the paper (so fun!!). Here are the peeps without eyes and a nose :)

With eyes!
(Ebony Black for the bright pink and Chocolate Matte for the yellow)

I bought a size Medium for Hannah, even though she only wears a small. I think she'll actually fit it for a few more Easters!
Here's my girl!! (now if only her skirt was pink... or yellow)

4/4/10 P.S. I made it onto the MADE blog! (how exciting!)